Sunday, April 19, 2015

Long Time Gone

Well, I guess that's a quarter of the year gone already! Time flies when you're slaving away over a hot desk. I have been meaning to get back on here and type up some posts, but work and real life always seems to get in the way. Something I'm sure many bloggers can relate to. Rest assured that I have been working hard on a couple of FF-related projects. Here's a sneak preview...

In other news, The Trolltooth Wars graphic novel was successfully Kickstarted, and the release of the Sorcery 3 app by Inkle is only a matter of days away. Not to mention that Warlock of Firetop Mountain game app that features the writing of one Jonathan Green, the Pure Evil FF miniatures we saw at Fighting Fantasy Fest, the mysterious Fighting Fantasy Quest boardgame and an AFF Salamonis sourcebook from Arion Games.  Although it doesn't seem like we will be getting new FF gamebooks any time soon, at least we have some exciting projects to look forward to.

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