Sunday, December 14, 2014

Titan's Timeline

Today I was poking around the timelines of the Demonic Three (Zagor, Balthus Dire & Zharradan Marr) and the Star Pupils (Yaztromo, Nicodemus & Pen Ty Kora), trying to figure out how the timelines of all six characters fit into the history of Titan. It was while doing this that I rediscovered my idea for working out the year that each FF book takes place in.

The book Titan - The Fighting Fantasy World puts the current date at 284AC. Having been first published in 1986, we could then assume that the earthly year 1986 = Titan year 284. If we follow that logic then we can work out what Titan year the events of a gamebook take place in by the earthly year of its gamebook publication. Now obviously this won't work for every gamebook, as many of them have already had their Titan dates specified (or at least narrowed down), but it could prove a useful system for dating those adventures that aren't tied down to any specific time.

The following timeline follows this method, but also takes into account any pre-existing lore (these titles are marked with an asterisk; many are estimated dates only). Let me know what you all think, and if there are any mistakes or omissions (and I'm certain there are - this was done a while back and is a work in progress):

175AC - The Tasks of Tantalon *
184AC - Legend of the Shadow Warriors *
187AC - Moonrunner *
279AC - Dead of Night *
281AC - City of Thieves

282AC - Island of the Lizard King
282AC - Scorpion Swamp
282AC - Fighting Fantasy
282AC - The Riddling Reaver
283AC - Deathtrap Dungeon *
283AC - Seas of Blood
283AC - Midnight Rogue *
283AC - Sorcery!
284AC - Titan - The Fighting Fantasy World *
284AC - Trial of Champions *
284AC - Crypt of the Sorcerer *
284AC - The Trolltooth Wars *
284AC - Creature of Havoc *
284AC - Demons of the Deep
284AC - Sword of the Samurai
284AC - Masks of Mayhem
285AC - Fighting Fantasy 10th Anniversary Yearbook *
285AC - Dungeoneer *
285AC - Blacksand! *
285AC - Demonstealer
285AC - Shadowmaster
285AC - The Warlock of Firetop Mountain *
285AC - Armies of Death *
285AC - Knights of Doom *
285AC - Battleblade Warrior *
285AC - Beneath Nightmare Castle
285AC - Phantoms of Fear
286AC - The Citadel of Chaos *
286AC - The Forest of Doom *
286AC - Caverns of the Snow Witch *
286AC - Chasms of Malice
286AC - Slaves of the Abyss
286AC - Stealer of Souls
286AC - Daggers of Darkness
286AC - Temple of Terror *
287AC - Portal of Evil
287AC - Vault of the Vampire
287AC - Fangs of Fury
288AC - Night of the Necromancer *
288AC - Master of Chaos
288AC - Black Vein Prophecy
288AC - Keep of the Lich-Lord
289AC - Tower of Destruction
290AC - The Crimson Tide
290AC - Siege of Sardath
290AC - Island of the Undead
291AC - Night Dragon
291AC - Spellbreaker
292AC - Deathmoor
294AC - Magehunter
294AC - Revenge of the Vampire
294AC - Curse of the Mummy
295AC - Return to Firetop Mountain *
295AC - Allansia *
304AC - Bloodbones
305AC - Howl of the Werewolf
307AC - Skullcrag *
308AC - Night of Necromancer
310AC - Eye of the Dragon *

The current year of 2014 would be the year 313AC on Titan, making next year the Year of the Ox. What do you think of this timeline? Let me know in the comments section below. :)


  1. Hey Brett, sorry just spotted this new post. I did some work on the dates of the various books at one point, I think on titan_rebuilding (though I can't find it right now). I'd need to try and dig it all out, but it all depends how you think the Allansian adventures relate to each other and how you deal with issues such as contradictions in the Zagor timeline (between various books, including Dungeoneer). I'll see what I can find!

    1. Ah, here's the first one, the others and various people's replies to them follow on over the next week or two:

  2. Awesome, I'll check it out - thanks!

  3. I too was interested in this sort of thing
    I've just sent a request to join Titan Rebuilding. I was thinking of trying to run the adventures as multiplayer games and do them in chronological order. I don't suppose you know if Citadel of Chaos is likely to appear for Advancef Fighting Fantasy in the near future?

  4. Hi Geoff,
    Thanks for your comment. I have been working on an Advanced Fighting Fantasy adaption of Citadel of Chaos for a while now, but there are no official plans to publish it as yet. If you would like to see it come out please let Arion Games know!