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Dwarf Players for AFF

Here is a more in-depth look at creating a Dwarf player for Advanced Fighting Fantasy. As always your thoughts and opinions are appreciated.

Doughty warriors and skilled craftsmen, Dwarfs are a long-lived race that enjoys three things above all: gold, ale and a good tale of heroic deeds. The allure of potential treasure or a monstrous opponent can sometimes be enough to lure a Dwarf from the comfort of his underground stronghold and into an adventuring party.

Personality: Most Dwarfs are earthy in character, favouring plain speaking and plainer actions. They prefer to take things slowly and surely, but can be quick to anger if slighted. They can also be honourable beings, however, and they appreciate bravery and good fighting. Above all, Dwarfs love precious jewels and metals, and they spend much of their time mining it from the earth and securing it away.

Physical Description: A typical Dwarf stands only a metre tall. They almost always have a long bushy beard, which they take great pride in growing and grooming. Their clothes are usually made from fine worked leather, covered with a light cuirass of strong Dwarfish mail. They favour wielding hewing weapons such as battle-axes and war-hammers.

Relations: Dwarfs tolerate, work and live alongside humans in many parts of Titan, therefore adventuring alongside them is also no issue. Some Dwarfs do not like Elves, owing to an ancient and traditional quarrel, but there have also been several notable adventuring partnerships between an Elf and a Dwarf.
Dwarfs loathe and despise Orcs, Goblins and other evil, non-human races; it would take an extraordinary event to convince a Dwarf to work alongside one without bloodshed!

Alignment: Dwarfs are generally followers of Good, upholding the ways of peace and justice wherever they lay their axe. There are examples of evil Dwarfs, such as the denizens of Mirewater, but they are extremely rare.

Dwarf Lands: Large communities of Dwarfs can be found across Titan, but most commonly in northern Allansia, such as Stonebridge and Fangthane. Dwarf adventurers are slightly less common in the more southerly lands.

Religion: Dwarfs worship the earth goddess Throff (whom they know as KerillĂ®m) with surprising intensity.  Dwarf priests will never be found outside of their subterranean, jewel-encrusted temples.

Language: The native Dwarf tongue is known as dethungar. It is never spoken in the presence of non-Dwarfs. Their writing consists of simple runes, which they often chisel into stone and engrave into metalwork.

Names: Bakulor, Bigleg, Biltur, Corin, Darkflint, Fangnir, Gillibran, Habul, Harlak, Hellura, Kagand, Littlebig, Lokimur, Roxsir, Stoneharrow, Stubb, Thorgrim, Trumble, Ulgrad, Wendle.

Racial Traits: A Dwarf Hero receives an additional 2 points to their Initial STAMINA score, to reflect their stocky frames and hardy metabolisms. 

They will also receive one point in the Underground Lore and Crafting Special Skills, as well as three points in Languages (Common) and four points in Languages (Dwarfish). Note that the Dwarfish language encompasses both the spoken dethungar and the written Dwarfish runes.

In addition a Dwarf Hero also starts with the Dark Seeing Talent.

Many Dwarfs lack experience in riding horses, and may have difficulty in doing so. When it comes to checking for actions such as hiding and sneaking, a Dwarf will count as Small in size.

Magic: Dwarfs prefer to shun magic in favour of a sharp battle-axe. Dwarfish spell casters are very, very rare, and usually still carry an axe as part of their equipment. The few spells they do use are very specialized, such as casting sharpness into an axe, or for searching out the purest seams of gold ore deep underground. Dwarf priests are slightly more common, but will almost never be encountered above ground.

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