Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Chopping Block - Part Two

This post is a continuation of the previous one, in which I took a peek at the citizens of Stonebridge in the Nintendo DS game The Warlock of Firetop Mountain. This time we will venture into the infamous mountain instead and see who is there!

Bartholomew: A red-bearded Dwarf who is seeking ore inside Firetop to forge a new weapon. He lives in an area of the basement near the Temple. Mizar claims that he is delusional, like all remaining Dwarfs inside the mountain.

Mizar: A hunchbacked Dwarf who has lived undisturbed in a hidden workshop near the keep entrance in Firetop since Zagor came. He holds a grudge against the Orcs and other monsters that occupy his home.

Hobbler: A diseased Dwarf wretch who was held captive in the torture chamber. He was desperate to get a message to Weaselnose but died in his cell. One of the Dwarf leaders, he was captured through his own carelessness, not because he was betrayed.

 Klugg: A savage, grey-skinned Orc and Warden of the dungeon's prison. He is the only one who holds the key that opens the door to the deeper levels of Firetop. He is often found in front of the Cells or in the Torture Chamber. He acts tough but is partial to bargaining when faced with the possibility of death. Carries the Prison Mask.

Max Pain: The brutal Orc torturer.

Livingstone: The white-haired Dwarf high priest and war leader of all the Dwarf clans. He resides in the temple within the Dwarven Barracks and always refers to himself in the third person.

Orlinn: A down-on-his luck human gambler. His lucky dice were stolen by an Orc and since then nothing has gone his way. Most of his clients are the dim-witted Orcs and Dwarfs that infest Firetop.

Rubblerat: The burly Orc that guards the only way into the inner sanctum. He wears an enchanted blue crystal amulet around his neck that makes him immune to all attacks, be they physical or magical.

Zhug: Orc chieftain and boss of the Orc Stronghold.

Peon: Zhug's cowardly but sneaky servant. He suffers from a debilitating cough that only the mushrooms from the Rat Caves can cure.

Back soon with more devious denizens!


  1. Yes, I'm afraid so. For all their devotion to the Fighting Fantasy setting, the developers sure had their tongue pressed firmly in cheek when naming their characters.